SMT has two solutions for roof monitoring:

Digiscan 360: Roof and waterproofing quality assurance tool
Building Intelli: Permanently installed leak detection system 


DigiScan 360 offers leak detection instrumentation and leak detection services.
DigiScan services include a roof and waterproofing scan using the latest in electrical integrity testing 
technology. The DigiScan unit is capable of identifying small membrane breaches, insufficient membrane 
coverage and penetrations from external sources such as forming nails or embedded rocks.
The DigiScan handheld unit can be used on roof membranes.


Read more here: Digiscan Datasheet.

Building Intelli is a membrane monitoring system that is installed into the roof structure.
The system includes a membrane monitoring system: moisture detection sensors are installed in a
grid or in lengths to monitor for moisture intrusions and membrane breaches. The system can be
applied to conventional, inverted low slope and sloped roof systems with concrete,metal or wood
roof support systems.
RCABC’s Waterproofing Guarantee Program
Roofing Contractors of British Columbia (RCABC) accepts SMT Research’s system for use in the RGC
Waterproofing Guarantee Program. SMT’s leak detection and location system is a mandatory requirement
for compliance to RGC guarantee standards for waterproofing system that incorporate heavy or complicated
overburdens in their design.