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Smtfinallogo 2 SMT Incorporated SMT was incorporated by co-founders Jason Teetaert and Gamal Mustapha.
Smartpark1 1 SMT joins Eureka Project SMT Research joins business Incubator located at the University of Manitoba Smartpark. Business Incubator was later renamed to the Eureka Project of which SMT was also a client.
Dscf5139 0 SMT develops moisture sensors SMT develops series of moisture sensors including a Point Moisture Measurement (PMM) sensor and Linear Moisture Detection Sensor (MDS)EMS and Embedded Moisture Sensor (EMS)
Mobile widaq Designs Wireless Datalogger The Mobile Wireless Data Acquisition Node (WiDAQ) is a high precision measurement device designed for distributed remote sensor data acquisition. The built-in 24-bit A/D converter and low noise high precision measurement circuitry facilitates data acquisition from a wide variety of sensors.
Analytics front.img assist custom Building Analytics - Online Analytical Software SMT developed an online database and analytical software platform with a web based user interface used for data collection, processing, analysis, and long term storage of sensor data.
Big 0 0 Building Intelligence Gateway The Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG) is a powerful software system designed to continually gather sensor data, provide event notification, and can be integrated with building control systems. BiG provides simplified local data analysis for a wide variety of sensors. It can also forward collected data to the Building Analytics monitoring center for web access, long term storage, and powerful data analysis tools.
Nrcirc NRC-IRC deploys WiDAQs National Research Council of Canada - Institute for Research in Construction started to use the WiDAQ wireless datalogger platform for recording moisture content in test assemblies.
Industrial widaq Develops Solar Industrial WiDAQ Developed 8 channel wireless data logger with solar power option. First units were deployed on a 33 story building in Vancouver BC.
Mbhydro SMT Installs first roof monitoring grid Completed a 29,000 square foot green roof on the $278 million, world-class energy efficient Manitoba Hydro Building
Nrclogo 0.nail SMT receives IRAP Award SMT Research has been named a Western Canada Finalist for the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program’s (NRC-IRAP) Innovation Award in New Technology.
Mds.img assist custom Designs Stainless Steel MDS SMT standardizes on using stainless steel moisture detection sensors on all roof grid applications. Self-adhesive flat, tape like sensor, permits easy installation and provides wide coverage.
Civitech logo SMT collaborates with CiviTech SMT collaborates with Civitech to win Stu Clark competition and McGinnis Venture Compeition
Saam Seattle Asian Art Museum SMT provided a turn-key monitoring system to investigate the building moisture and pressure conditions, both before and after extensive renovations were complete. The results were used to confirm the modeling software and make sure that all the design target conditions were met.
Living home2.content width University of Lethbridge Research Collaboration SMT provided a turn-key building envelope and leak detection monitoring system to enable risk mitigation from moisture damage from moisture egress from building envelope and from plumbing flooding. See The Living Home website for more information.
Screen shot 2013 07 05 at 11.33.27 pm Restoration Kit SMT developed an evaluation and reporting tool used for drying flood and water loss sites. The restoration kit consists of 4 Mobile WiDAQs equipped with an RH/T sensor and 2 PMM ports. The kit has a built in cell and backup telephone modem. These restoration kits have been used in thousands of homes to provide remote monitoring of the drying process and permits an easy method for generating reports to validate the dryout process.
Isis logo SMT - ISIS Canada Collaboration SMT collaborated with the University of Manitoba to study the Freeze-Thaw Durability of Anchor Materials in Heritage Masonry Stones. Paper presented at the 2nd International Structures Specialty Conference.
Ubc lsc   outside 0 0 Interstitial Leak Detection at UBC SMT provided a leak detection system for 75,000 sq. ft. of mechanical interstitial space in the UBC Life Sciences Centre. The space is located above research labs and is designed to enable easy access to mechanical systems for maintenance and re-configuration. The related plumbing and mechanical system component failures are costing the facility millions of dollars in water based damages since the award winning building was built.
Digiscan DigiScan - Digital roof scanning instrument The DigiScan 360 unit is a revolutionary leak detecting instrument for roof systems. Using a multiprobe sensor plate, the direction and severity of a membrane breach is displayed on an LCD interface.
Img 9182 SMT and UofM wins IEEE Mechantronics competition SMT and UofM wins 5th price in IEEE International Mechatronics competition in Taiwan for the design of a robotic leak detection system. See video
Buzz Kit assists in Mini-catastrophe SMT provided monitoring kits out of inventory slated for deployments elsewhere in North America to Winnipeg based restoration contractors so that they could take on the dry-out of more building structures with the same amount of limited labour.
Wikey powersupply 680 0 0 I2 Wireless Repeater I2 Wireless Repeater and I2 Wired Range Extender allows networks to be deployed through an entire hires building.
Icta logo main.img assist custom ICTA Award To highlight and celebrate technologies that have a significant business impact, Insurance-Canada.ca awarded SMT with an honorable mention at the Insurance Canada Technology Awards – "the ICTAs." The technology used by restoration companies is an automated monitoring and report generation system that allows water technicians to remotely monitor sites that experienced a water loss claim.
Logo iso9001 ISO 9001:2008 SMT recieves ISO 9001:2008 registration.
A2 research 2 0 SMT-A2 Wireless Datalogger The SMT-A2 Wireless Data Acquisition unit is a high precision measurement device designed for distributed remote sensor data acquisition. The built-in 24-bit A/D converter and low noise high precision measurement circuitry facilitates data acquisition from a wide variety of sensors. Integrated Moisture Content, RH and temperature sensors make the SMT-A2 suitable for building monitoring applications.
Van SMT Opens Office in Vancouver, BC  
A3 A3 8 Channel Wireless Datalogger The SMT-A3 Wireless Data Acquisition unit is a multi-channel high precision measurement device designed to interface with a variety of different building sensors. The sleek design of the SMT-A3 allows it to be installed in occupied spaces in building units and homes. The SMT-A3 seamlessly attaches to a double junction box and supports up to eight external sensors with optional integrated sensors.
Bcbec BCBEC President - Jason Teetaert Jason Teetaert serves as President of British Columbia Building Envelope Council - BCBEC
A3 4 0 Wireless CO2 Datalogger SMT integrated the revolutionary COZIR low power 0-5000pmm CO2 module with the powerful and versatile wireless datalogger A3.
Solarwall NRCan CanmetENERGY Solar Wall SMT is working with CanmetENERGY to test the effectiveness of a SOLARWALL populated with an array of solar panels. Temperature sensors are oriented vertically in an array up the solar wall as well as behind the large solar panels and compared with a control wall. The effectiveness of the solarwall will be validated throughout the summer and winter months.
Bacnet logo new BACnet Gateway SMT has selected to use the BACnet building automation and control networking protocol for this purpose. BACnet was developed by ASHRAE to meet the communication needs of building automation and control systems and has become the protocol of choice for most building automation control networks.
Triumf Nuclear Physics Lab Sensing SMT is proud to partner with TRIUMF, Canada's premier laboratory for particle and nuclear physics. SMT designed, installed, and continues to work with the Beam Lines Team to deploy and manage specialized Data Acquisition Electronics and Sensor Systems for use in the most sensitive of areas.
Fp ASTM Publication ASTM Publication SMT and FP Innovations collaborated on a study to evavluate vertical movement monitoring in four-story wood frame buildings
Cmhc stacked CMHC and SMT research study CMHC carried out a research study using SMT data loggers and sensors to evaluate the selection of low-e coated glass for older residential high-rise apartment buildings in Canada.
Download Paper
Drg 1 opt Wireless Driving Rain Gauge Integrated wireless datalogging added to Driving Rain Gauge
Roofstar RCABC approves SMT RCABC Roof MonitoringRoofing Contractors of British Columbia (RCABC) accepts SMT's system for use in the RGC Waterproofing Guarantee Program. SMT’s leak detection and location system is a mandatory requirement for compliance to RGC guarantee standards for waterproofing system that incorporate heavy or complicated overburdens in their design.
Wide shot for article Golf Green Research Low power wireless CO2 Sensors Used for
Golf Green Research at RRC
Concrete moisture sensor Concrete Moisture Sensor Through an NSERC funded project, SMT and the University of Manitoba developed a href='http://www.smtresearch.ca/products/concrete-moisture-sensor' >dielectric moisture sensor</a>. The sensor was deployed at one of Canada's iconic heritage structures.
Concrete Moisture Sensor Case Study.
Instrumentationgainamp Heat Flux Gain Amp SMT develops 1000x gain precision instrumentation amplifier designed for use with Heat Flux sensors.
Data center outside   inside 0 1 Data Center Roof Monitoring Roof Monitoring solutions for large scale data centers commence.
Brass pins MC Brass Pins Brass pins used for moisture content evaluation in specialized building science research applications.
48chboard 48 Channel Board 48 Channel Board multiplexes WiDAQ data acquisition allowing large sensor networks to be quickly and cost effectively connected in one area. Bix type connectors allow wires to be quickly punched in rather than using tedious terminal blocks.
Waterbit Contributes water detector to littlebits SMT contributes a Water Detection device to littlebits. 1000 votes qualified it for development. Littlebits Waterbit
Front MDS Interface SMT develops Trigger Tape used to interface moisture detection tape to third party monitoring systems.
Rinkrh Sparkmap Prototype SMT designs new visualization tool Sparkmap. Allows a user to visualize temporal spatial data by visualizing data trends poplated on an as built drawing or related image.
Capstone poster Automated Bridge Inspection Tool SMT sponsored a University of British Columbia ECE Capstone Project where anAutomated Bridge Inspection Quadcopter Drone was designed to automously photograph a bridge and perform image analysis in order to detect cracks and defects in the bridge.
Bridgewater Crack Sensor Presented at Cansmart Through an NSERC and University of Manitoba collaboration a sensor used for detecting cracks on bridges was presented at the Cansmart conference - Crack Sensor
Bracket mounting Linear Displacement Sensing High accuracyLinear Displacement Sensing using LVDT sensors and specialized mounts allows you to monitor movement in both the x, y and z directions.
Lg2 Linux Gateway Compact Linux Gateway used to sync sensor data with Analytics.