Moisture Detection for Sustainable Structures

LOCATION: Lethbridge, Alberta


AREA: Sq. Ft.:  2200

SENSOR CLASS: Moisture Monitoring and Research Investigation 
INDUSTRY:  Residential 

SMT provided a turn-key building envelope and leak detection monitoring system to enable risk mitigation from moisture damage from moisture egress from building envelope and from plumbing flooding.
The goal of the project is to design and construct a home that will enhance quality of life both within the home and in the community. The design will minimize the environmental impact of the construction, maintenance, and operation of a single-family residential home using proven (sustainable), economic, and accessible construction practices and technologies.
Included Sesnors
  • Moisture Detection Sensor Tape on the Underside of Green Roof Over Heated Space on Wood Deck. 
  • Flood Monitoring Detection Tape and Home Automation Electronics 
  • Differential Pressure Monitoring Sensors
Design and Construction in cooperation with the City of Lethbridge Lethbridge College Cedar Ridge Quality Homes TR Labs.
Download a detailed overview of the installation and a compilation of the results here.
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