• Flood Detection

    Flood Detection

    Get started early protect your assets

  • Your Worst Enemy

    Your Worst Enemy

    Get notified when there's a leak

  • Get Notified

    Get Notified

    Uncontrolled or mitigated water can be a catastrophic problem

What does it do?
Detecting water due to leakage or condensation from damaged or frozen pipes, aging hot water tanks, malfunctioning sump pumps, open plumbing fixtures, sewer back-ups, or flooding from exterior sources.
Proactive sensing detects conditions putting pipes at risk of freezing. Integrated temperature sensors detect situations where plumbing could sustain damage from low temperatures. Advance notice is provided to allow the situation to be rectified before damage is sustained.
How does it work?
On- site monitoring is achieved through SMT’s unique hybrid wired/wireless electronics. The systems can be installed both during and after construction. The data that the sensors gather will be communicated wireless to Building Intelligence Gateway (BIG) which will alarm the user is necessary.
What is there to gain?
Implementing a moisture detection system enables facility management teams, property owners, building owners, and emergency response restoration contractors to be proactive and address trouble maintenance locations long before moisture causes severe damage. 
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Flood Detection