• Trigger Tape

    Trigger Tape

    Adapt our MDS to your building BMS or home alarm

  • A2


    Available in two different configurations: investigation or restoration

  • A3


    Our most versatile and configurable datalogger

Large surface area heat flux sensor for use in monitoring R-Values in wall and roof assemblies.
CANKey is a compact CAN USB adaptor designed for CAN bus communication used in networks with a large number of nodes that require communication over large distances.
A String Pot or Draw Wire sensor are sensors used for vertical displacement material compression and creep monitoring.
30 channel high precision differential voltage measurement device with full cross point connectivity used for performing sequenced measurements used on inverted roof systems.
Data from SMT's Building Intelligence Gateway can be served in BACnet IP format by interfacing via the BACnet CAS Gateway.
Low cost Heat Flux Sensor with minimal thickness and excellent sensitivity. For use in monitoring R-Values in wall and roof assemblies.
Tactical Intelligence Gateway (TiG) is a robust Linux based gateway platform designed to communicate with SMT interface cards and data loggers including the I2/I3, A2 and CANKey.
250.00 CAD
Provides 4 isolated dry relay contacts that can be triggered on any alarm issed from the Building Intelligence Gateway.
The MultiScan™48R is a 48 channel resistance measurement device with 48 input channels capable CAN wired communication.
Wireless 8 channel datalogger with integrated RH/T sensors.
The I3 Wireless Repeater boosts signals from Wireless A3's to the Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG)
The SMT Moisture Calculator App for Android devices allows any ohmmeter or mulitmeter to calculate the moisture content of wood and gypsum.
7.50 CAD
Insulated Extension for extended depth for moisture measurement in materials when utilizing the Point Moisture Monitoring Sensor (PMM)
The SMT-I3 Wireless to USB device serves as the interface between Data Acquisition Units and the Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG).