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Leak Detection Systems for Conventional Roof Assemblies

+ Always be aware of your roof health by tracking moisture in real-time

Receive automated alarms to your phone or email

Reduce repair costs by narrowing the search area before any boots even hit the roof

Enable preventative maintenance to extend the useful life of your roof

Defer maintenance with confidence that your roof is in good health

Track moisture from installation: during construction and within the roof warranty period

Accepted for the Roofing Contractors of British Columbia's RGC Waterproofing Guarantee Program


conventional roof system breakdown diagram

Contact SMT with details of your project to receive a free budget estimate for a FutureCast system and installation, or read on for more details. 


Everthing you need to know about our Conventional Roof Leak Detection Systems, all in one place.

FutureCast Leak Detection
System Overview

FutureCast Leak Detection

FutureCast Leak Detection
System A+E Spec

How it Works

FutureCast on Conventional Roof assemblies use resistance-based measurements to determine the presence of moisture below the waterproof membrane on the conventional roof assembly.

The FutureCast grid is made up of moisture sensors laid out in strips which are sensitive to the presence of moisture and are therefore triggered when water is allowed to accumulate inside the roof assembly.

Extensive grid layouts


Target on penetrations and perimeter of the building
futurecast conventional grid system diagram
futurecast conventional grid system perimeter of building diagram

Protection Board

Conventional Roof

Membrane (EPDM, 2-ply SBS, BUR, TPO, PVC, or single ply)

Insulation (Polyiso, EPS, XPS, or mineral wool)

moisture sensor tape

Moisture Detection Tape (MDS)

Air Barrier

Roof Deck (wood, metal, or concrete)

Augmented Reality

FutureCast Active enables cutting edge data visualisation - allowing maintenance teams to "see through" the membrane in real time, as the moisture sensors in the roof assembly show where moisture has accumulated. This aids repair efforts and cuts down on costly removal of the upper layers of the assembly. 

Virtual Reality

The same roof performance data can be viewed in Virtual Reality right from your desktop, so you can keep track of large and remote sites without leaving the office. 

Previous Projects

Bell MTS Data Centre



New roof: 65,000 Sq. Ft.  Existing roof: 65,000 Sq. Ft.

FutureCast Active conventional roof monitoring

Milton District Hospital


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330,000 Sq. Ft.

FutureCast Active conventional & inverted roof monitoring

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