Protection Board


Air Barrier

Roof Deck

EPDM, 2-ply SBS, BUR, TPO, PVC, or single ply

Polyiso, EPS, XPS, or mineral wool

Wood, metal, or concrete

Moisture Detection Tape (MDS)

Ensure your roof assembly is dry
from the
very beginning.
Solution 1: Building Intelli Moisture Monitoring

(Download SPEC:                  )

Protect the business and building assets below the roof.
  • Know where the roof is wet - but also dry.

  • Confirm the exact installation conditions.

  • Automated system assists during commisioning process - locates damage during construction.

  • Utilized for construction dry out for sustainable methods to dry out the roofing system in-situ.

Extensive grid layouts

Target on penetrations and perimeter of the building


Solution 2: Nights Watch During Construction
Save Time 

Reduce Costs

Stay Informed

Uphold Quality

Be Proactive

  • Monitor your night seal.

  • Night seals and tie-ins are often the sources for entrapped moisture, especially when your roof is faced with thunderstorms, winter rains, and weather during the construction period.

  • Nights Watch device reports wirelessly to your computer on the status of the night seal prior to opening it.

Night Seal


Air Barrier

Roof Deck

LED turns      if water penetrates the night seal

Moisture Detection Tape (MDS) installed along the length of the night seal


Bell MTS Data Centre


New roof: 65,000 Sq. Ft.; existing roof: 65,000 Sq. Ft.

Building Intelli conventional roof monitoring

Milton District Hospital

© Smith and Anderson

330,000 Sq. Ft.

Building Intelli conventional & inverted roof monitoring

Solution 2: Investigation

(Download SPEC:                  )

Pin-point locating active leaks and/or performing DigiSCAN 360° yearly for preventative maintenance.

Opening a conventional roof and installing Moisture Detection Tape (MDS), Moisture Content / Temperature (PMM) and Relative Humidity sensors for investigation from the top side of the membrane.


Analyze trends, weather, moisture and temperature profiles from the comfort of your office.


Protection Board

Air Barrier


Roof Deck

Moisture Detection Tape (MDS)

Moisture Content / Temp (PMM)

Relative Humidity / Temp

View data remotely


Collect data on the next site visit

Solution 3: Monitoring

Monitoring existing conventional roof for investigation during commisioning, entrapped moisture, roof leaks and current conditions of the system of the membrane, insulation, and air barrier.

Roof Deck


Air Barrier


Protection Board


UBC Life Sciences Centre

© UBC 

75,000 Sq. Ft.

Building Intelli leak detection system & flood monitoring

RCMP H Division Headquarters

© SMT Research

256,000 Sq. Ft.

Conventional roof investigative system inside sealed TPO assembly

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