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Working Together

We believe that combining our innovative solutions with your products will result in great things!  

smt digiscan

Pictured: An SMT Field Technician takes a visual record of a newly installed leak detection system on a roof in downtown Vancouver


  • SMT as your preferred vendor in North America

  • Global Intellectual Property Partnership

The Future

Construction is booming like never before, with more "mega-projects" planned for every sector from; healthcare facilities and warehouses, data centres, shopping malls and more.
In order to properly monitor and manage these structures and their assets, we start with the building envelope.

SMT has been developing and investing in Internet of Things connected sensors for over 15 years. Our vision is to implement a global system of sensors to monitor roofs and building envelopes, in order to compile performance data that will aid in extending the life cycle of those structures. We want to move forward with the next generation of buildings by reducing environmental impact, bolstering repair efforts, and limit risk for warranties or insurance.

Through a partnership with SMT, we can leverage our global footprint in new and powerful ways, leading the building envelope industry into the future. 


SMT's mission is to make the invisible, visible.


We put sensors in structurally integral sections of the building enclosure assembly, and actively monitor their performance - but how do we communicate this information? 

Analytics Dashboard

SMT's Analytics centre processes the data acquired from the sensors in the building envelope. The results are easy to view at a glance, with sections for sensor distribution, local weather, most recent readings, and 2D drawings of the site with sensors overlaid. 


The Red Lines show where SMT found moisture on a roof, all stakeholders were notified of the moisture to allow time for repairs before the moisture progressed to the entire assembly. 

Augmented Reality 

Our proprietary software allows any user to view the live performance of their building enclosure in VR and AR. 

With AR, users can simply view their asset through their smartphone camera - and the placement and status of the embedded sensors will appear in real time.

Virtual Reality

Take a walkthrough of your assets without leaving the office! With SMT's VR functionality, easily view sensor data, and monitor your buildings all around the world from anywhere. 

- Constellation

Our Technology

Technology is at the heart of everything we do at SMT.

"42% of property managers say that they want to adopt new technologies to keep their properties relevant to today’s market"
- Deloitte Center for Financial Services
- iProperty Management

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Membrane Scanning

+ Fast and Reliable

+ Non-destructive

+ Finds Pinhole sized leaks

Digiscan 360 Electronic Vector Mapping Tool

Fully Automated Roof Leak Detection Systems

+ Lasts the life of the structure

+ Help plan maintenance

+ Reduce cost of repair

FutureCast Grid

Futurecast Embedded Leak Detection 

Prefab Panels Building

Comprehensive Building Envelope Monitoring

+ Extensive sensor suite

+ Mass production-ready

+ Verify Enclosure Performance

Smart Panels - Prefabricated Building Enclosure panels with embedded sensors

BiG screen

Digital Suite of Products

+ Remotely Access Data

+ Alarms to Your Phone

+ Export Data for Research

SMT Analytics Dashboard

Custom Wall Monitoring

+ Bespoke investigation kits


Adaptable to any wall assembly

+ Measure Moisture, RH, Cracks, & more

Pictured: Wood Wall Monitoring

Civil / Industrial Monitoring

+ Remotely Access Data

+ Alarms to Your Phone

+ Export Data for Research


Pictured: Manitoba Bridge Stress Project

Intellectual Property

We own, or have patents pending on all of our innovative solutions. 

SMT Patents

Business Landscape

The AEC industry is playing catch-up as the rest of the world embraces technology... 

"Client demands are quickly rising and become more and more complex with expectations increasingly on the “usage” more than on the product itself"

- Oliver Wyman Consultants

Commercial Real-Estate owners are aware that their costs are rising, and technology holds the answer...

"Operating costs could increase by at least US$19.4 per square foot, which equals 5.8% of the average annual office rents at the beginning of 2020"

- Deloitte Center for Financial Services
Innovation Award Magazine

Download the PDF for our state-of-the-industry analysis

SMT & You

Chances are, we've already been on a project together!

200+ Soprema Projects Scanned

 (Green Roof / PMR / Waterproofing)

Parq Casino
Case Study

50+ Fully Monitored Soprema Conventional Roofs

Red River College Case Study

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Research Projects

Soprema/RCABC/RDH Polyiso Shrinkage Study
Soprema/RDH Chilliwack Hybrid Insulation Study
Soprema/RCABC/RJC Concrete Adhesion Study
Soprema/RDH Prairie Roof Wrinkle Study

About SMT

SMT has been developing cutting edge quality assurance tools for building enclosures since 2006...

We design, manufacture, install, and operate building sensors systems in new construction projects, as well as renovation, litigation, and investigation. 

Click the links for more information...

Company Profile

Digiscan 360 
Electronic Leak Detection

Building Enclosure Performance Monitoring

Investigative Monitoring

Automated Roof Monitoring

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