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Secure methods to suit your project and budget

SMT sensors take measurements which are stored locally with our robust dataloggers. Over the years we have developed various methods for collecting data from the loggers and uploading it to our Analytics Software for further review and action. 

Continue reading to learn about some of our most commonly used methods for data collection, or Contact SMT to discuss the specifics of your project...


Wired real-time communications within a building are typically completed with low-voltage cabling, and route back to a final central location for Internet connectivity. SMT can supply the labor for the cabling or have an on-site low-voltage installer complete the work. The SMT electronics minimize cabling runs by utilizing 8 channel or 48 channel WiDAQs for the measurement of sensors. Wired sensors are best for long term monitoring.

Wired Data Collection

Wireless real-time communication from each panel can be achieved to communicate to receiving devices placed internal to the building, such as in hallways or common areas, or on external locations such as roof tops and plaza decks. The location selections of wireless receiving devices are very specific to the building construction type, layout, and final sensor locations. SMT has wired and wireless repeaters to extend the range from sensors to a single point for internet connectivity. Wireless sensors are best for flexibility of selection of installed location.

Wireless Data Collection
Wireless Data Logging

The wireless nodes can be utilized for data-logging applications where a user returns to the site to collect data, instead of having a permanently installed internet connection and gateway. Trained site personnel or SMT technicians can do the data collection periodically to collect the data from the wireless data-logging A3 nodes and then return to their office to upload the data to the cloud based Building Analytics. The wireless data logging is used mainly during construction prior to power or internet on site availability, and for sparsely installed wireless sensors where real-time data is not required.

Wireless data-logging

SMT has the ability to transmit data directly to the cloud based from each panel location by use of the GSM Cellular network. The continued development of lower powered GSM technology makes this option viable for building monitoring technologies. Data will be received directly from the C22 sensors to SMT’s cloud based Building Analytics on-line software. Each C22 sensor has a GSM Sim card and data charge for internet connection. The GSM cellular communication is best for real-time data during transportation and immediately during construction. Each C22 Sensor Node shall have monthly internet connection and a related fee.

Cellular Data Collection
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