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Leak detection for Green Roof, Protected Membrane Roof (PMR), Waterproofing, Plaza Deck and Water Feature.

FutureCast Active is SMT's flagship Leak Detection System for inverted/protected roof assemblies.


+ Live intelligence on the health of your waterproof membrane

Calibrate alarms for developing issues

Reassure Occupants and Tenants 

Get the most out of your Roof Warranty 

FutureCast can also be left in a passive state, to be activated on a service plan or call out. 

Contact SMT with drawings of your project to receive a free budget estimate for a FutureCast system, or continue scrolling to learn more. 


Everything you need to know about our inverted roof leak detection systems, all in one place. 

FutureCast Leak Detection System Overview

FutureCast Protected Roof Leak Detection System A+E Spec

What is it

A leak detection system is a network of sensors permanently installed within an inverted roof assembly. For building owners and managers, a leak detection system offers live data on the integrity of the waterproof membrane, allowing for targeted repairs and peace of mind for tenants, ultimately maximizing the useful life of the roof. 

How it Works

During construction, sensors are installed on top of the waterproof membrane in a grid, then covered by layers of insulation and overburden. 

The sensors are connected to advanced electronics which actively record measurements and upload data to the cloud for review. SMT uses proprietary algorithms to produce a membrane health assessment report, which building owners can use to plan/defer maintenance.

Futurecast grid system

Embedded DigiStars (sensor array) on membrane, applied at a rate of 1 per 100 Sq. Ft.

Quality Assurance
During Construction 

While installing a Leak Detection System on an inverted roof assembly, SMT technicians also perform a Digiscan Service - an electronic leak detection scan of the membrane to confirm it has been installed without defects. This allows the construction team to move forward with confidence that they are covering an intact waterproof membrane. FutureCast Active can be used immediately after the membrane has been covered to confirm the status of the waterproofing. 

Data in your Pocket

Always have access to your roof performance data with SMT Analytics. Check sensor output and system function, as well as view historical data and documentary photographs from construction - an invaluable aid to leak repair. 

SMT engineers are on hand to assist you with email or phone support if required. 

Analytics Dashboard
FutureCast Passive logo

Installing a full grid and sensor system for eventual use when the roofing system deteriorates or is damaged resulting in a discovered leak. 

SMT technicians can provide temporary electronics for a yearly or periodic maintenance scan.

smt future cast installation
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