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Short to Medium Term Targeted Monitoring Projects 

The building envelope is a complex piece of engineering with many variables at play. SMT has the sensors and data-loggers to gather the data you need, the expertise to place them where it matters most, and the software tools that turn data into action.

+ Expert guidance in designing your system 

+ Reliable and robust sensors 

+ Monitor multiple variables over time to see trends

+ Cloud data management for remote monitoring 

Read on for an overview of our investigative services, or Contact SMT to discuss the specifics of your project...

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Our Services

SMT is an end-to-end solution provider, and can offer any combination of the following services:

Design + Manufacture

Our technical consultants are experts in helping you select the right sensors and placing them in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We build most of our sensors in house, and can even design custom sensors to suit your project. 

Monitoring Kits

We offer "out of the box" monitoring solutions for common variables such as moisture accumulation. We maintain quality control by building these kits in house, and ship worldwide. 


Our technicians have installed monitoring systems across North America. We stand by the professionalism and work ethic of our installers, who are well practiced at completing projects in everything from sub-zero conditions and under-construction structures, deep mine investigations and rappelling from bridges. 

Data Collection

The key to solving an investigation is well organized data, and we offer data collection options to suit any project and budget; from fully remote collection of thousands of data points, to manual collection of a single node. 

Data Analysis

Our Analytics platform offers flexibility and customization for clients who need to manipulate their data, as well as user friendly data visualization options and reporting tools to draw conclusions from your data. We also offer consulting services if you need support with parsing and interpreting data. 


At any stage of your relationship with SMT, we are available for phone and email support. We also make available a wealth of information including product data sheets, specifications, installation guides, and videos. 

Where We Monitor:

Investigative monitoring sensors monitor for exterior moisture intrusion, condensation, thermal performance, air tightness and differential pressure, and vertical and horizontal movement. 


walls monitoring


roof monitoring


foundations monitoring


windows monitoring


  • Restoration & Insurance Reporting

  • RCABC Green Roof Leak Detection

  • Non-Conductive Membrane Leak Detection

  • Digital Vector Mapping

  • Waterproofing Quality Control

  • Technical Analysis

  • General Moisture Detection

  • Wall & Roof Moisture Content

  • Mechanical Space Monitoring

  • HVAC Intelligent Integrations

  • Condensation Monitoring

  • Building Materials Moisture Content

  • Building Materials Component Comparisons

  • Differential Wall Pressures

  • Venting Pressure

  • Vapour Pressure

  • Window Performance

  • Solar Heat Gain

  • Solar Radiation Comparisons

  • Thermal Profiling

  • Masonry Moisture

  • In-Situ Heat Flux Monitoring

  • Crack / Displacement Monitoring

  • Insulation Movement & Shrinkage

  • Foundation Moisture Content

  • Parkade Monitoring

  • Assembly Mockup Comparisons

  • Building Element Comparisons


  • Attic Monitoring  (Attic Monitoring Kit)

  • Home Appliance Monitoring

  • Specialized Security System Integrations

  • Roof Leak Monitoring

  • Wood Frame Moisture Content

  • Soil Moisture & Gas Monitoring

  • Specialized Environmental Monitoring


  • Climate Monitoring

  • Building Enclosure Sciences


  • Bridge Deck Monitoring

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Sustainable Forestry

  • Data Center Monitoring


Everything you need to know about our Structure Monitoring services, all in one place.

Investigative Monitoring Services Summary

Let's talk about your next big project.
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