The Belmont: Performance Measurement

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC SENSOR CLASS: Investigative Monitoring INDUSTRY: Commercial Details: SMT provided the building consultant, RDH, with the following sensor sets in order to measure the building performance characteristics and perform a thorough analysis of the building: Differential Pressure sensors Wireless CO2 sensors RH/T sensors Pulse Counting sensors Temperature monitoring Exterior weather station Excerpt form SabMagazine: "Implementation followed a whole building systems approach, that first considered passive strategies to reduce the heating load, with future plans to improve the mechanical systems. Heating energy was reduced through a highly insulated building enclosure, ener

ASTM Publication: Vertical Movement Monitoring in 4-Storey Wood Frame Building

LOCATION: British Columbia, Canada COMPLETED: 2010-2011 INDUSTRY: Commercial Details: Vertical movement and lumber moisture content (MC) were monitored during the construction of a four-story wood frame residential building in the winter of 2010–2011 in coastal British Columbia, Canada. The work was part of a long-term study to assemble field performance information and validate movement prediction methods to assist in the design of five- and six-story wood frame buildings. The MC readings of dimensional lumber generally remained around 20 % on average before the building was completely protected from rain with its roof and wall sheathing membrane under rainy construction conditions. With t

RCMP H Division Headquarters: Conventional Roof Investigations

Overview LOCATION: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia COMPLETED: 2014 AREA: 256,000 Sq. Ft. SENSOR CLASS: Conventional roof investigative system INDUSTRY: Institutional Details: This past season, SMT partnered with Building Science Consultants to deploy our standard investigative monitoring solution on a troubled roof. While performing cut tests to investigate the roof assembly in person, the consultants wanted information on roof performance for additional time frame with out having to re-cut into the roof. This project required a variety of isolated, battery operated sensor stations be mounted inside a sealed TPO roof assembly. In this application, wireless acquisition units were paired with temperatu

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