Telecommunications: Moisture Monitoring

LOCATION: Oregon SENSOR CLASS: ‘Stainless Steel (2conductor) adhesive backed Mylar’ INDUSTRY: Commercial Details: On a recent deployment to Oregon, SMT was contracted to provide a standalone, critical alert/BMS integrated, Conventional Roof Moisture Detection System for a large cellular provider who continues to operate a relay station on the roof of a reputable academic institutions multi-storey dorm. SMT was engaged and assisted by; highly skilled roofers, quality enclosure consultants, technically proficient electricians, and on campus infrastructure, maintenance, and IT department staff, to make this highly specialized deployment transpire without incident. SMT systems installed prior t

UBC Life Sciences Centre: Leak Detection

Overview LOCATION: Vancouver, BC COMPLETED: AREA: 75,000 Sq. Ft. SENSOR CLASS: INDUSTRY: Institutional Details: SMT Research is providing a leak detection system for 75,000 sq. ft. of mechanical interstitial space in the UBC Life Sciences Centre. The space is located above research labs and is designed to enable easy access to mechanical systems for maintenance and re-configuration. The related plumbing and mechanical system component failures are costing the facility millions of dollars in water based damages since the award winning building was built. Through the installation of a suite SMT Building Intelligence Products, the water will be detected with-in seconds, and notify users with-in

BCIT: A Pilot Study on First Nation Homes on an Urban Reserve

LOCATION: Squamish, BC COMPLETED: 2013 INDUSTRY: Research Details: Aboriginal families are significantly more likely to live in poor housing conditions than the general population. In Canada, most of these houses are often located in colder regions, which challenge the construction, the indoor air quality and the energy consumption How do construction, mechanical equipment, climate, & occupant related factors combined affect the quality of aboriginal homes? There is an urgent need for actual data to understand the factors affecting the performance of these houses. For this research a group of urban aboriginal homes was monitored to obtain preliminary durability, indoor air quality and energy

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