How to keep your Mission Critical assets water free, and avoid thousands in outage costs

When it comes to your most important assets, you want to protect them to the best of your ability. In this case, these assets are mission critical yottabytes of data, stored in either a data center, a colocation center, or your own mission critical facility. But why is it so important to monitor these assets? The answer: costs, and liability. Since 2010, downtime costs from data center outages have risen by 38%, with the cost of an outage averaging around $750,000, (per outage). Even for a mere couple minutes of data center outage, caused by a small roof leak, the cost of repairing, replacing hardware, possible loss of data, and general liability greatly outweighs the cost of putting in prop

SMT Sensors Used to Monitor and Create a 'Living Lab'

SMT sensors are now being deployed at Red River College’s new Skilled Trades and Technology Centre (STTC) in Winnipeg. At approximately 100,000 square feet, the centre will be used for a new laboratory and shop space for over 1000 students a year in high demand trades. As one of the first buildings to be connected through a suite of sensors, SMT and RRC will be creating a “living lab” atmosphere to provide complete analysis of the roof and green roof. The SMT sensors being installed include: Building Intelli roof moisture monitoring systems, green roof performance monitoring, temperature, and heat flux sensors. With all SMT sensors in place, real world research and ongoing academic research

SMT Providing Solutions For Skeena - Canada’s Largest Passive House

SMT is excited to be a part of Canada’s Largest Passive House in Vancouver. Properly known as, “The Heights,” the Skeena Passive House is a cornerstone project in the City of Vancouver’s strive to become the “world’s greenest city,” and increase the number of zero emission buildings. Defined as high performance sustainable buildings, Passive Houses are made to maximize reduced energy across multiple utilities. This is primarily done through a reduction of heat transfer through increased insulation, a properly designed building envelope, and premium quality air control. As a CleanTech company, SMT values environmental innovation and therefore is providing investigative monitoring solutions to

IUFRO Division 5 Conference Presentation

On Friday, June 16th, SMT will be presenting IUFRO Conference at the Pinnacle Hotel in the Harbourfront Ballroom II. The topic being presented is: The Methods and Practices for Monitoring Vertical Movement and Moisture Performance of Wood Structures. More information on the presentation can be found below: Day: Friday Session Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Location: Harbourfront Ballroom II Division 5 Research Group: 5.05 Composite and Reconstituted Products Technical Session: Structural Assessment and Monitoring of Wood Structures Abstract Title: Methods and practices for monitoring vertical movement and moisture performance of wood structures Abstract: Wood structures such as the Wood Innovatio

SMT's Building Intelli System on the Bell MTS Data Center

SMT has installed our Building Intelli system in the Bell MTS Data Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The $53 million data facility provides colocation services. As data becomes an increasingly important commodity and mission critical aspect of various businesses, it is important to provide utmost security measures to make sure no disasters affect the data, and therefore the operations of those businesses. Our Building Intelli service, which is a permanently installed membrane monitoring leak detection system, consists of moisture detection sensors that are installed in a grid fashion to monitor for moisture intrusions and membrane breaches . It can be applied to conventional, inverted low slope

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