2018 RCI Western Canada Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) hosted by RCI Western Canada Chapter will take place in Vancouver on January 19, 2018. This full-day event consists of five presentations covering different topics in roofing, waterproofing and building envelope consulting. Jason Teetaert, V.P. of Business Development, will be proudly presenting on “Things I’ve Learnt From Your Data” based upon SMT’s involvement in various roof scanning and monitoring projects. This presentation will focus on illustrating how leading-edge structure monitoring technologies facilitate sustainability, while providing building consultants and owners a peace of mind. He will also speak about how growing and expanding the utilizati

SMT Behind the Scenes

SMT consistently works behind the scenes of various projects to ensure building integrity is up to standards through the use of innovative technology. Recently, SMT was featured in various papers that were featured at the CCBST Conference 2017 on November 6-8. These papers include: Adhesion of Torch on and Self-Adhesive Asphaltic Membranes over Green Concrete Laurence Matzek Wetting and Drying Performance of Wood-Based Assemblies related to On-Site Moisture Management Jieying Wang Energy and Indoor Air Quality Impacts of DOAS Retro ts in Small Commercial Buildings James Montgomery The Best Made Plans: The Challenges of Retro tting an Historic Single Family Home Using Nested Thermal Envelopes

[CCBST 2017] 1 Tradeshow Booth. 2 Presentations. 3 Papers.

CCBST 2017 will be taking place this week from November 6-8. This conference hones in on Building Science and Technology, and it also consists of an exhibitor showcase. This encourages all conference attendees to meet exhibitors and sponsors at the conference trade show. SMT will be at the trade show presenting various sensors mounted on a shelving display to demonstrate the use of different sensors that we provide. Aside from being at the trade show, Jason Teetaert, VP of Business Development, will be having two presentations: Real-Time Monitoring for Leak Locating with Wireless Moisture Content Sensors in Non-Combustible Construction (PO). This presentation discusses the use of sensors and

SMT Innovates: Bridge Stress Monitoring

SMT has been working hard to continuously develop and innovate our sensor solutions for bridge monitoring. We are currently installing sensors to monitor for bridge stress, which will be our second bridge monitoring project thus far. SMT has been working alongside municipalities, the University of Manitoba, and SIMTReC Canada to develop these bridge solutions. For this project, SMT has developed a steel sensor roughly the size of a human hair to be installed onto the steel framing of the bridge. The sensor measures resistance, and once it “snaps,” it indicates sensor movement and therefore bridge stress. With our analytics, we will also be able to see the data just before the sensor “snaps”

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