December 7, 2018

Every year it happens. We know it will happen. Predictable. Studied. Documented.

Water will come from the sky in the month of September through May in the Pacific Northwest. In one week of last November over 10 cm / 4 inches of rain (or precipitation) fell continuously.


December 27, 2013

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC
INDUSTRY: Institutional


Moisture and water damage can occur from the interior of the building when leaking pipes and equipment or extensive condensation can remain hidden from view. The design and accessibility for areas related to the ro...

June 27, 2013


SENSOR CLASS: ‘Stainless Steel (2conductor) adhesive backed Mylar’
INDUSTRY: Commercial


On a recent deployment to Oregon, SMT was contracted to provide a standalone, critical alert/BMS integrated, Conventional Roof Moisture Detection System for a...