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Our most notable projects in one place

Most of the projects that we are involved with are undisclosed under NDA. Therefore, we can only showcase a select few of our most notable projects.

For some of the biggest and most important institutional buildings, it is important to have a proper moisture and parameter monitoring system in place. As these buildings will be around for years to come, there is no better way to elongate their lifespan by monitoring and using predictive maintenance to solve issues.


Your building is the heart of your business - keep it safe or monitor it’s parameters to make sure it will last. SMT solutions can help you in any part of the construction phase, and even years after.


Multi-unit residential buildings, condominiums, and apartments often include living roofs, playgrounds, green roofs, and water features as amenity spaces. SMT solutions can assure problem-free usage and maintenance for developers and homeowners alike, to ensure safety and a peace of mind. We don’t want another leaky condo crisis!

Mission Critical

We keep your most important assets safe and away from moisture in mission critical facilities. By providing full solutions for mission critical facilities from building construction to monitoring solutions throughout the building's lifetime, we ensure your building will be water free, and that you will be headache free.


We pride ourselves in taking part of innovative projects in the building technology space. Whether it be through passive house monitoring, tall wood building construction, or a tailored research project, SMT has an investigative solution for it all.

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