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Monitoring and controlling CO2 levels is an important factor in building system optimization for both energy efficiency, building performance and occupant health and comfort. The COZIR CO2 sensor module can be operated with SMT’s wireless and wired data logger systems. Results can be graphed and analyzed alongside other critical building performance metrics such as temperature, RH, moisture content, air flow, differential pressure and heat flux.


Typical applications include HVAC and HRV system validation and optimization, as well as indoor/outdoor environmental CO2 validation monitoring.


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CO2 Sensors

    • NOTE: Only 1 x Co2 sensor can be used per DAQ.
    • Low power CO2 module uses infrared LED technology to facilitate low energy wireless monitoring.
    • Compatibility with SMT A2, A3 and WiDAQ voltage data loggers.
    • Integrated with junction box A3 for interior monitoring.
    • Leaded units available for placement in tight locations such as duct work.
    • 2000ppm and 5000ppm models available.
    • In-field calibration port available.
    • Built in auto-calibration available (powered applications only)
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