The SMT-C22 Cellular Data Acquisition unit is a multichannel high precision measurement device designed to interface with a variety of different building sensors.


The sleek design of the SMT-C22 allows it to be installed in virtually any environment imaginable. The SMT-C22 seamlessly attaches to a double gang junction box or NEMA shell and supports up to four external sensors.


The 24-bit A/D and cellular network are ideal for building monitoring in both new construction and retrofit work, provided the unit is not encased in metal, glass, or concrete to any significant degree, the cellular signal will reach our cloud. The C22 comes stock with integrated RH & Temperature.



• Remote sensor analysis and data collection

• High precision data acquisition

• Building science research

• Targeted repair monitoring

• Construction monitoring without electrical or wireless infrastructure


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C22 Wireless Data Acquisition Unit

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