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The amount of rain impinged on a façade is measured using driving rain gauges. The driving rain gauge can be installed on various elevations or on various building elements to measure the actual amount of water hitting the exterior of the building at various times. The gauge has a unique tipping bucket rain gauge that is effective and long-lasting, with aluminum construction and initial readings as low as 0.05mm of driving rain. Each rain gauge is approximately 12” wide x 17” high x 2.5” deep (30 x 43 x 6 cm) and comes with a standard 12m cable. These gauges must be connected to an A3 Pulse Counter unit (Not included).


Driving rain and its effective management are critical factors in determining the durability of building enclosures. An accurate measurement of driving rain can be important for risk assessment purposes and in research (where it may be necessary to establish boundary conditions).


SMT also offers an optional Solar Radiation sensor and External Relative Humidity and Temperature sensors.


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Driving Range Gauge

    • Assess potential risks due to rain
    • Research (may be necessary to establish boundary conditions)
    • Monitoring wind driven rain effects
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