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RCMP H Division Headquarters: Conventional Roof Investigations


LOCATION: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


AREA: 256,000 Sq. Ft.

SENSOR CLASS: Conventional roof investigative system

INDUSTRY: Institutional


This past season, SMT partnered with Building Science Consultants to deploy our standard investigative monitoring solution on a troubled roof. While performing cut tests to investigate the roof assembly in person, the consultants wanted information on roof performance for additional time frame with out having to re-cut into the roof. This project required a variety of isolated, battery operated sensor stations be mounted inside a sealed TPO roof assembly.

In this application, wireless acquisition units were paired with temperature, humidity and moisture content sensors to provide Building Intelligence of this sealed system without continual disruption to the waterproofing membrane. SMT solutions are designed to provide research grade analytics over protracted periods of time on as minimal power as possible. Simple AA batteries are ideal for these short term monitoring projects enabling post construction monitoring for extended durability and efficiency in buildings.

On this roof, sensors were mounted in and around multiple types of insulation layers to provide data on the moisture profiles at these specific points and regions within the assembly. SMT solutions enable rapid field assessments of changing environmental variables with live charting and analytical review.

Included Sensors:

  • A3 Data Acquisition

  • Point Moisture Monitoring Sensor Modules (PMM)

  • HTM 2500 Condensing RH Sensor

  • Moisture Detection Sensor Tape (MDS)

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