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TRIUMF: Moisture Detection System

SENSOR CLASS: ‘Stainless Steel (2conductor) adhesive backed Mylar’ INDUSTRY: Commercial


TRIUMF Canada’s mission is to make discoveries that address compelling questions in particle physics, nuclear physics, nuclear medicine, and materials science. They work towards the advancement of particle accelerators and detection technologies in Canada, and to increase the knowledge around particle and nuclear physics.

For this project, SMT worked with the TRIUMF Beam Lines Team to design, install, and manage specialized Data Acquisition Electronics and sensor systems to be deployed in the most sensitive areas of the lab.

We are proud to have worked with TRIUMF, Canada’s premier laboratory for particle and nuclear physics, for this project.

Included Systems:

  • Building Intelligence Gateway (Mark.8 Enclosure Package)

  • Industrial Data Acquisition Systems

  • CANbus Communications

  • Stainless steel 316 Moisture Detection Sensors

  • Automated Reporting and Alarm Forwarding

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