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UF Hurricane Research: Attic Monitoring


INDUSTRY: Commercial


An SMT Attic Moisture Monitoring System was provided to the University of Florida for their research on wood roof attic increased strength to resistance the forces of hurricanes by the application of closed-cell spray applied polyurethane on the interior sheathing surface.

Closed-cell spray applied polyurethane foam (ccSPF) is used as a structural retrofit of wood roof sheathing panels because of its strong bond to wood substrates and other materials. CcSPF insulation is applied to the underside of the wood roof deck either along the joint between the wood framing and sheathing or in continuous layers of 1 inch to 3 inch thickness. Previous tests showed that ccSPF retrofit panels have increased wind uplift capacity that can be as much as 3 to 5 times that of traditionally nailed roof sheathing panels.

This paper reports on the first year’s results of a 2-year study to investigate the effect of water leakage on the strength of the ccSPF-retrofitted panels and on the moisture drying rate out of a sloping roof deck.

Included Sensors:

  • Differential Pressure sensors

  • Wireless CO2 sensors

  • RH/T sensors

  • Pulse Counting sensors

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Exterior weather station

  • Moisture Detection tape

Read the paper: Wind uplift capacity of foam-retrofitted roof sheathing subjected to water leaks.

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