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CanmetENERGY: Solarwall Monitoring


AREA: 7,500 Sq. Ft.

INDUSTRY: Commercial


SMT is working with CanmetENERGY to test the effectiveness of a SOLARWALL populated with an array of solar panels. Temperature sensors are oriented vertically in an array up the solar wall as well as behind the large solar panels and compared with a control wall. The effectiveness of the solar wall will be validated throughout the summer and winter months.

The SOLARWALL is the first solar wall to be used on a federal government building in Canada. It was developed and patented by Conserval Engineering in Toronto with support from CanmetENERGY. The walls are 40 feet high and cover a total area of 7,500 square feet. The holes are 1/16 inch in diameter and represent 1% of the total area. The colour of the wall is dark brown with a solar absorptivity of approximately 90%. The wall is designed to preheat the supply air to the gas fired make-up air units on the rooftop. Average efficiency of the solar wall during the winter is expected to be 60-70% (% of solar radiation on the wall that is converted to useful heat).

Included Sensors:

  • Temperature sensors

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