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Main Street Pressure Monitoring

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC INDUSTRY: Investigation


SMT Research Building Intelligence Platform is used in temporary or long term permanent monitoring for evaluation of differential pressure fluctuations. Differential pressure between various building components lead researchers, consultants and building operators to a greater understanding of the forces of air in the building.

Energy efficiency can be determined by building air tightness and the amount of airflow between the buildings interior and exterior. The use of the SMT Building Science Research Kit with differential pressure sensors can be used to quickly deploy for studies lasting hours to days.

Environmental effect from wind and solar loading on the building will effect water vapour drive from internal ( such as interior relative humidity) or external sources (such as rain water). The use of differential pressure combined with wind speed / direction sensors. The interior controls of the heating and air conditioning ventilation system contribute a significant portion to the overall differential pressures.

Enclosure evaluations during pre-construction mock-ups of new assembly types, or application to existing structures the differential pressure sensors can be used to evaluate the pressurization (and depressurization) of various lay-ups of the building enclosure.

The hybrid wireless / wired pressure monitoring system is used to study the stack effect and compartmentalization in mid-to-high rise buildings.

The study of corridor pressurization in relation to office and apartment buildings can lead to better Indoor air quality and odour control.

Included Sensors:

  • Differential pressure sensors

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