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Telecommunications: Moisture Monitoring


SENSOR CLASS: ‘Stainless Steel (2conductor) adhesive backed Mylar’ INDUSTRY: Commercial


On a recent deployment to Oregon, SMT was contracted to provide a standalone, critical alert/BMS integrated, Conventional Roof Moisture Detection System for a large cellular provider who continues to operate a relay station on the roof of a reputable academic institutions multi-storey dorm.

SMT was engaged and assisted by; highly skilled roofers, quality enclosure consultants, technically proficient electricians, and on campus infrastructure, maintenance, and IT department staff, to make this highly specialized deployment transpire without incident. SMT systems installed prior to final roof assembly can validate in real-time, actively diagnose issues that have for decades been hidden or known very little about.

A3-8R units were configured to collect data every second, by way of Linear Stainless Steal 316 conductor Moisture Detection Tape with Humidity and Temperature compensation sensors. These vital statistics are being wirelessly transmitted to the roof top mounted gateway computer, for upload and analytical review at our Online Monitoring Center, providing owners and administrators accurate and real time situational awareness for the greatest piece of mind.

Included Sensors:

  • Moisture Detection Tape

  • Humidity and Temperature compensation sensors

  • A3

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