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Installation of the monitoring system sensor and WiDAQs into an existing wall system is as simple as 1-2-3 from the interior of any building. The valuable information can be used to indicate seasonal or weather event occurrence of moisture intrusion, condensation or water related events.

The installation is straight forward and with easy to follow instructions and various mounting options.

  • Cut 4" x 4" hole in existing wall from the interior.

  • Install Point Moisture Monitoring Sensor with integrated temperature sensor in the exterior wall sheathing. The screws penetrate into the wall sheathing to give accurate moisture content - regardless of sheathing type: gypsum, plywood, osb or plywood. Photo shows optional research grade Rh Sensor at the bottom of the stud cavity.

  • Install junction box WiDAQ in to air tight mounting box, seal air barrier around box (if applicable) and start recording data.

The data acquisition system can be used as datalogging device, where subsequent visits can download the data wirelessly to the supplied computer system (BiG) or measurement forwarded to the online monitoring centre - Analytics - by the permanently installed BiG.

Included Sensors:

  • Point Moisture Measurement (PMM)

  • WiDAQ

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