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SMT Providing Solutions For Skeena - Canada’s Largest Passive House

Skeena Passive House

SMT is excited to be a part of Canada’s Largest Passive House in Vancouver. Properly known as, “The Heights,” the Skeena Passive House is a cornerstone project in the City of Vancouver’s strive to become the “world’s greenest city,” and increase the number of zero emission buildings. Defined as high performance sustainable buildings, Passive Houses are made to maximize reduced energy across multiple utilities. This is primarily done through a reduction of heat transfer through increased insulation, a properly designed building envelope, and premium quality air control.

As a CleanTech company, SMT values environmental innovation and therefore is providing investigative monitoring solutions to monitor various parameters of the structure throughout it’s lifetime. Parameters being monitored through our instrumented and wireless sensors are: moisture content, temperature, RH Value, CO2, and vertical displacement. With these solutions in place and through our sensor’s gathered analytics, it will be easier to evaluate the success of the passive house, monitor air quality, and keep the building and it’s inhabitants healthy.

Interested in learning more about what SMT does with Passive Houses? Check out our case study on Passive House Performance Monitoring.

More information on our Investigative sensors can be found here.

More information on the Skeena Passive house can be found here.

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