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SMT Sensors being used to monitor innovative multifunctional wood panels

In conjunction with FPInnovations in 2015, SMT solutions were installed in two test hut demonstration buildings to monitor the performance of multi-functional wood panels. With increasingly strict environmental and energy specific standards, the panels were created to achieve both energy efficiency and resilient structural performance standards, all while being a lower-cost option for future building construction.

On this project, two identical demonstration buildings were made for monitoring and demonstration in Vancouver and Edmonton. This was to see real-life applications in both cool and humid environments. SMT provided our sensor solutions to help monitor various parameters in the test hut buildings such as: moisture, temperature, humidity, and heat flux. These sensors were placed in various parts of the structure, as well as on each side of the multifunctional wood panels and walls. Humidity sensors were also placed around the structure to measure relative humidity inside and outside the test hut. Data collected was then be viewed and organized through our own Building Analytics platform, which shows what is being collected from each sensor.

With 322 sensors installed in each test hut from various partners and companies, it’s safe to say that ample data will be collected over time to present a case for the multifunctional wood panels under examination. Tours around the Vancouver test hut demonstration building can be arranged for those interested! To plan a visit, contact SMT or Bob Knudson at FPInnovations.

Do you have a research project coming up that could use some SMT sensors and data analytic solutions? Let us know!

For more information on our sensor solutions, click here.

If you have any questions or inquiries about the solutions we provide at SMT, contact us at or tweet us @smtresearch!

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