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SMT Creates Data Visualization Interface for UBC Tall Wood Building

SMT has been working on a special project for the sensor installation of the UBC Brock Commons Tall Wood Building. In order to monitor vertical movement, SMT installed sensors to determine wood compression and settling, as well as moisture performance in the prefabricated cross laminated timber panels (CLT). For this, point moisture measurement, temperature, and displacement sensors were installed in each panel during construction.

As an academic hub for students and research alongside its primary function as a student residence, we have been working on an application to let those inside, study and monitor the performance, seeing sensor data in real time. Using the Unity Game engine, the building can be virtually explored in a first person, augmented reality mode, where sensors can be identified and engaged. After identification, users can analyze the installed sensors in real time to see how the building is operating. The data will be graphed daily and users will have access to the sensors installed on all floors. The educational interface can be used when visiting the Brock Commons Building but can also be operated via mobile phone app. Screenshots can be found in the image slider above.

The interface created will act as a bridge between the building and those inside to analyze and conduct research on this large scale research project.

For more information on our involvement with the Brock Commons Tallwood Building, click here.

For more information on our investigative monitoring sensors, click here.

Our products can be found here.

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