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SMT Sensors will be used in the Seismic Rehabilitation of the New Lord Nelson Elementary


LOCATION: Vancouver, BC


AREA: 10,000 Sq. Ft.

SENSOR CLASS: Building Intelli Conventional Roof Monitoring, Wall Moisture Detection System.

INDUSTRY: Institutional

SMT will be involved in the upcoming replacement of the century-old Lord Nelson Elementary to provide seismic rehabilitation support. The school was granted a risk rating of High 1, stating that it is at the highest risk of widespread damage or structural failure making it unrepairable after the event. Therefore, both structural and non-structural seismic upgrades are required.

The new building will have the same capacity as the old one: 57 kindergarten and 373 grades 1 to 7 students. This building is projected to complete by Spring 2019. Alongside the new elementary school, the City of Vancouver will be supporting the B.C Early Years Strategy by implementing new childcare support. This includes 84 infant and toddler spaces, 125 spaces for children aged three to five years, 75 preschool spaces, and 59 school-aged spaces.

With the reconstructed Lord Nelson Elementary in place, the probability of the building collapsing in the event of an earthquake is reduced, making it a safer environment for students. More specifically, SMT’s Building Intelli, a conventional monitored roof assembly, will be installed within the roofs to report on physical contact with water. Using wireless data acquisition, the sensors are able to send data to the internet to provide analytical telemetry. Also, this allows for early warnings of potential leaks or issues to keep the building strong for years to come. This monitoring system will roughly span some 10,000 square feet.

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Pictures courtesy of Province of British Columbia, Flickr, and the British Columbia Government News.

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