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[CCBST 2017] 1 Tradeshow Booth. 2 Presentations. 3 Papers.

CCBST 2017 will be taking place this week from November 6-8. This conference hones in on Building Science and Technology, and it also consists of an exhibitor showcase. This encourages all conference attendees to meet exhibitors and sponsors at the conference trade show.

SMT will be at the trade show presenting various sensors mounted on a shelving display to demonstrate the use of different sensors that we provide.

Aside from being at the trade show, Jason Teetaert, VP of Business Development, will be having two presentations:

Real-Time Monitoring for Leak Locating with Wireless Moisture Content Sensors in Non-Combustible Construction (PO).

This presentation discusses the use of sensors and wireless monitoring electronics for the investigation, construction quality assurance, and long term monitoring is the key to early detection and identification of leak locations. This system measures relative humidity, temperature of the wall cavity, interior space and exterior environment. Building analytics online dashboard displays the correlation between location, external and internal environmental conditions that are measured daily overtime is key to correlation and cause of moisture events. He has also written a paper that further outlines more information found here.

Monitoring of Various Non-Vented and Vented Vaulted Roofing Systems In Vancouver.

As the temperatures begin to drop in Vancouver, BC, insulation and air tightness are important for keeping a house cozy during cold winter days. Using a three types of shingle products with various ventilation types and the use of Point Moisture Monitoring sensor allowed us to determine the moisture content of the ventilated attic space. Read more about this case study here.

Gamal Mustapha, VP of Program Development was also invited to speak at CCBST 2017 and has completed a paper on: Vertical Movement and Moisture Performance Monitoring of Pre-Frabricated Cross Laminate Timber - Featured Case Study: UBC Tallwood House

The new 18-story, 53-meter-tall, Tallwood Building at UBC, is currently one of the tallest mass timber building in the world. SMT had the opportunity to monitor the moisture levels of the timber sheets from the transportation stage to the completion stage. This was done through installing Moisture Probes, Point Moisture Monitoring Sensor, and the String Pot Sensor. Read more about the result of this case study here.

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