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SMT Behind the Scenes

SMT consistently works behind the scenes of various projects to ensure building integrity is up to standards through the use of innovative technology. Recently, SMT was featured in various papers that were featured at the CCBST Conference 2017 on November 6-8.

These papers include:

Adhesion of Torch on and Self-Adhesive Asphaltic Membranes over Green Concrete

Laurence Matzek

Wetting and Drying Performance of Wood-Based Assemblies related to On-Site Moisture Management

Jieying Wang

Energy and Indoor Air Quality Impacts of DOAS Retro ts in Small Commercial Buildings

James Montgomery

The Best Made Plans: The Challenges of Retro tting an Historic Single Family Home Using Nested Thermal Envelopes

Kim Pressnail

Hygrothermal Performance of Exterior Blanket Insulation

Tareq Baker

Implementing Compartmentalization and Ventilation Strategies in Tall Multi-Use Buildings to Control Stack-Effect Related Performance Issues

David De Rose

Controlling Construction Moisture in Cross Laminated Timber Structures

Robert Lepage

Field Measurement of Vertical Movement in Wood-Framed Buildings

Jieying Wang

Impact of Heating and Cooling of Expanded Polystyrene and Stone Wool Insulations on Conventional Roof Performance

Lorne Ricketts

At SMT, success is measured by seeing the end result of projects bringing a smile to the contractors' faces and a piece of mind.

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