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NHICE 01 (New Horizons in Green Civil Engineering) Conference

NHICE-01, the 1st International Conference on New Horizons in Green Civil Engineering, will take place at the University of Victoria, from Wednesday, April 25 to Friday, April 27. This conference aims at innovative ideas and solutions in green civil engineering. The attendees will include young engineers, established professionals, researchers, academicians, and policymakers.

Our V.P. of Program Management, Gamal Mustapha, will be presenting two papers at the NHICE-01 conference:

1. Structural Performance Monitoring Technology and Data Visualization Tools and Techniques – Featured Case Study: UBC Tallwood House

This paper looks into the methods and practices used to monitor the moisture performance and vertical movement of the 18-storey UBC Tallwood House built with pre-fabricated cross laminated timber (CLT). It also illustrates how SMT’s real-time data and analytics on critical components of the building help architects, engineers and contractors validate or improve their innovative design and new construction techniques.

Read the full paper here.

Read the UBC Tallwood House case study here.

2. Measuring Dynamic Thermal Resistance of Building Envelope Assemblies

This paper discusses the methodology and sensor set instrumented to acquire, measure and analyze data on Dynamic Thermal Resistance (DTR) of two buildings, consisting complex building envelope assemblies, which are the new Skilled Trades and Technology Centre (STTC) at Red River College and a 32-storey high-rise office building in downtown Winnipeg.

Read the full paper here.

The NHICE-01 conference is happening very soon! If you want to hear Gamal’s full presentation, please click here to reserve your spot today!

If you have a project coming up and would like to talk to us about it, contact us here or tweet us @SMTResearch

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