Virtual Tour of the UBC Tallwood House - Download the Free App!

University of British Columbia's Brock Commons student residence is an innovative 18-storey hybrid wood structure that has won multiple awards and received international recognition as the world's tallest mass timber built building.

SMT installed a total of 338 sensors throughout the building used to measure vertical compression of the wood super-structure as well as moisture content and temperature throughout the building. SMT, in conjunction with UBC ECE, has created a virtual tour to allow users to immerse themselves in the building allowing them to view the wood details and sensor data throughout the building. The user can toggle the walls translucent to view the Cross Laminate Timber (CLT) floors and glue-laminated columns; sensor locations can be grouped and graphed in real-time. Users can analyze the moisture levels within the different layers of CLT, the vertical compression of the building, relative humidity and temperature throughout the building.

Performance results recorded throughout the construction cycle and during the first year have been presented at the NHICE 01 (New Horizons in Green Civil Engineering) Conference. Read the full paper here.

Monitoring solutions used in this project are featured as SMarT Timber.

Download the Free Virtual Tour Application

64-bit Download

32-bit Download

Mac Download


  • Download the zip file, extract, and run.

  • Performs best on a fast computer with at least 4GB of RAM.

  • After you click "Load" it may take a few minutes to load.

  • Use the keyboard to navigate. Use arrows or A (left), D (right), W (up) and S (down) and click & drag the mouse to look around.

  • Use the button on the top right to toggle the skins off and on so you can see the wood structure.

  • To view sensor data, activate the graphing interface by selecting any blue box around the structure. You can also activate it by selecting the SMT icon in the top left corner.

  • The highlighted data acquisition unit will appear green. Choose the sensors you want to graph and press Graph. You can warp to any floor from this menu as well.

  • The last two weeks of data will be graphed. A maximum of 4 sensors can be selected. More in-depth analysis tools are available on the SMT Building Analytics engine that will allow you to graph any number of sensors over any time frame. This virtual tour interface was optimized for quick browsing only.

  • Find the Easter Egg - available in the Windows version only. Hint: quiet place with the best view.

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