BUILDEX 2019: SMT and RCABC as Speakers

We are back in the office with good memories from BUILDEX Vancouver 2019, which had just ended last Thursday!

Being part of BUILDEX's education program, SMT's Vice President and Co-Founder, Jason Teetaert (Linkedin), proudly presented with RCABC's Judy Slutsky on "Making the Invisible Visible for Roofs: Quality Assurance, Risk Mitigation and Innovation in Roof Construction." It was an honorable opportunity to educate the building industry about innovative structure monitoring technologies and relevant standards currently available for quality assurance, risk mitigation and innovation support in the roof construction.

BUILDEX, including both an exhibition floor and education programs, was held on Feb 13 - 14 in the Vancouver Convention Centre. As the largest building industry event in Western Canada, it hosted 90+ seminars, 600+ exhibits and 14,000+ attendees this year.

A recap on Jason and Judy's presentation:

Construction waterproofing deficiencies and the structural health of buildings are barely visible until the building failure becomes detrimental and causes loss in a vicious cycle. Innovative monitoring technologies and industry standards enable building owners, operators, and scientists to predict future damages and/or limit liability through knowledge of what was once invisible - hidden in the walls, roof and foundation of a building - empowering the industry to develop safer, healthier and more sustainable buildings.

Representing the roofing industry standard, Judy spoke about the statistics and findings from roofing projects in BC. By comparing the performances of commercial roofs and ones under the guarantee program, the audience was able to recognize the genuine costs measured and evaluated in construction projects.

Jason highlighted the social and economic benefits that innovative structure monitoring technologies bring to the roof construction industry. He illustrated case studies of mission-critical buildings (i.e. healthcare facility) and innovative structures (i.e. mass timber building) to elaborate on significant technologies applied in all types of buildings, before, during or/and after construction. In addition, real-time data analysis and data visualization tools (i.e. Virtual Tour of UBC Tallwood House and RRC Skilled Trades and Technology Centre) have been developed to assist construction firms, architects and engineers, building managers and owners, research & development institutions, and quality assurance programs; allowing the construction industry to validate designs, materials, and methods to produce and innovate more efficient and durable buildings.

The full presentation is available here for view and download.

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