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After Polar Vortex: Quality Reassurance for Your Construction Site

Photos: Roofers with a jack hammer and shovel clearing snow off an unfinished roof system.

How are you clearing the Polar Vortex off your construction site?

As temperatures retreat back to normal winter temperatures, you are probably starting to clear the roof and get back to installation of critical waterproofing details?

How are your crews removing stubborn ice and snow to get to putting down wearing course or insulation and overburden? Recently we have walked back onto a construction site and was shocked to see a pair of roofers using a combination of jack hammer and shovel to remove the ice - prior to covering with the components of a green roof. What shocked us more was that these are from the same crew that installed the membrane!

SMT DigiSCAN 360° (electronic leak scanning) was already being used on this finished membrane. However, we returned to this area upon only seeing what damage may have been inflicted on the membrane - find the holes before your customer calls you! Contact us or tweet @SMTresearch if you need assistance in commissioning and looking for membrane breaches caused by snow and ice removal.

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