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Cloudburst: Mass Timber Engineering and Lumber Prices

Pictured: SMT Mass Timber Displacement Monitoring using Stringpot Sensors

Every month SMT publishes a newsletter we call Cloudburst, sharing resources, data, and case studies from our Structural Monitoring work. Cloudburst is delivered to all our amazing subscribers on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, which is the best way to stay up-to-date with all things monitoring. Now on the last Tuesday of the month we will be making that content available for non-subscribers on our blog.

The August edition of Cloudburst was focussed on the exciting and emerging construction market for Mass Timber. SMT has been privileged to monitor the premier Mass Timber projects in the Pacific Northwest; applying our proprietary moisture monitoring equipment, as well as measuring triaxial displacement, temperature, and more. In this edition of Cloudburst we included links to our Mass Timber Engineering Considerations guide, as well as some cutting-edge research into the use case for Mass Timber as an acoustic barrier. View the Mass Timber Issue of Cloudburst here.

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