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Project Profile: REN, 2014 Fairview Ave

photo curtesy of an SMT technician



AREA: 14,789 sq. ft.

SENSOR CLASS: FutureCast Passive Monitoring, Digiscan 360 service

INDUSTRY: Residential


Seattle's downtown skyline is experiencing a remarkable transformation, fueled by the city's rapid growth and the demand for modern living spaces. Among the array of impressive high-rises shaping the cityscape, the 41-story REN residential tower stands tall on Denny Way. Situated at the crossroads of the bustling Denny Triangle and South Lake Union neighborhoods, this architectural marvel caters to the needs of the next generation of urban dwellers. With its unique design that harmonizes with the site's shape and its prominent location, REN is set to become a defining landmark in Seattle.

SMT had the pleasure of installing FutureCast Passive in this project. FutureCast Passive is our leading permanently embedded leak detection system, the moisture sensors are left in the roof for the lifetime of the building, to be later activated on a service contract for preventative maintenance or leak investigations.

SMT's contribution to the REN tower project will further enhance the life of the building by giving building operators the chance to perform routine maintenance, rather than reacting after water damage has already set in, which will save cost and time.

Moreover, SMT's quality assurance scans, conducted using the Digiscan 360, has been instrumental in testing the integrity of the waterproof membrane. This proactive approach allows the roofers to promptly address and patch any issues, delivering the best possible value to the client.

In the dynamic landscape of Seattle's urban development, REN and SMT exemplify the forward-thinking mindset necessary to create sustainable, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing structures. As Seattle continues to evolve, REN's iconic presence and SMT's innovative solutions will undoubtedly contribute to the city's vibrant future.

If you want to learn more about this project and others, or if you have a project that would benefit from long term leak detection, reach out to us from our contact page!

photo of Seattle's skyline curtesy of a SMT technician

Included services:

  • FutureCast Passive for Inverted Roofs

  • Inverted Roof scanning using DigiScan 360


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