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Project Profile: Viewstar

LOCATION: Richmond, BC


SENSOR CLASS: Moisture Detection Sensors and Digistars

INDUSTRY: Residential / Commercial / Office Space

Viewstar is a mixed-use development from Yuanheng Holdings Ltd. Situated on the Fraser river, just a stone’s throw from YVR Airport, this beautiful complex features multiple buildings and landscaped areas, including residential, commercial, and office spaces - as well as a state-of-the-art presentation centre. Designed by W.T. Leung Architects, Viewstar features 12 buildings (including a City Centre North Community Centre), and has been carefully placed to encompass three distinct neighbourhoods; Northside, Southside, and Riverside.

SMT performed quality assurance Digiscans to ensure that the waterproof membrane was fully intact prior to covering with materials. The Digiscan 360 tool finds tiny deficiencies that left unchecked could result in expensive damages. To offer greater protection for the future life of the building, SMT also installed FutureCast - our passive leak detection system. FutureCast will remain embedded into the structure of the roofs in question - ready to be activated at any moment and give a “health check” of the roof.

On a project like Viewstar, SMT is able to provide value throughout the whole roofing process. In the near-term, quality assurance scans during construction verify the work of contractors and gives the developer confidence that the project is proceeding as planned. In the long-term, SMT’s systems serve to aid in maintenance planning, reduce the cost of repair, and extend the useful life of the building.


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