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Reviewing Repairs

At SMT, our mission is to make the invisible, visible. Roofing repairs so often take place in areas that are difficult to reach or hidden away and impossible to see, which is where structural monitoring technology becomes invaluable. We were called to a site to install monitoring hardware that would allow the building owner to verify that their repairs had been effective.

SMT manufactures and installs a wide variety of sensors for different solutions. In this case, our engineers selected the appropriate sensors for the job and set about installing them. Some, like the image below, were lowered into the structure to gather data from places that would otherwise be completely inaccessible (or require destructive methods to examine).

Other sensors were placed on the roof deck, weighed in place by that trusty mainstay of engineering and construction - the humble brick!

These sensors are networked, allowing them to be terminated at a single point where our data logger can process the readings. For this project, temperature and humidity sensors were connected to the data logger, from there the data is routed to a gateway elsewhere in the building where it can be uploaded to the cloud for further study by researchers. The Data Logger itself is then secured so that it can remain in place for as long as the project requires.

Want to know more? Here is our expert engineer Khaleed explaining the system...


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