Our suite of solutions cover every part of your building structure to offer you peace of mind.


SMT solutions are focused in four major areas: electronic leak detection, roof moisture monitoring, investigative monitoring, and flood detection. 

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Elongate the life of your membrane and see the cause of damages with SMT. DigiSCAN 360 Services offers electronic leak detection instrumentation and leak detection services. The DigiSCAN unit is capable of identifying small membrane breaches, insufficient membrane coverage, and penetrations from external sources such as forming nails or embedded rocks.


Build intelligent monitoring right into your roof to make sure your buildings last. The Building Intelli system includes a membrane monitoring system: moisture detection sensors are installed in a grid or in lengths to monitor for moisture intrusions or membrane breaches. The system can be applied to conventional, inverted low slope and sloped roof systems with concrete, metal or wood roof support systems.


See the health of your building by using investigative sensors for parameters such as moisture, RH, Temperature, Displacement, CO2, and more. Using structural measurement analytics, SMT sensors can be installed at any stage of the construction process, and even on long lived assets. Through investigative monitoring, you can significantly reduce the risk of unknown damage and or claims when they occur.


We help you avoid your worst enemy by detecting water due to leakage or condensation from damaged or frozen pipes, aging hot water tanks, malfunctioning sump pumps, open plumbing fixtures, sewer back-ups, or flooding from exterior sources. Through our hybrid sensors and data acquisition software, we notify trouble long before damage is discovered.

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