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Thermal efficiency, SMarT & comfortable living.

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Energy efficiency of a building is greatly influenced by the building envelope airtightness and R-value. By limiting the heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor environment, efficient building envelopes allow homeowners to maintain comfortable living temperatures while minimizing energy required to heat and cool the building. Confirmation of design and post-construction performance is key to sustainable construction. 

The Thermal Efficiency Monitoring (TEM) Kit provides an assessment of the thermal performance of existing structures in consideration of existing standards: ASTM C1046-95(2013) & C1155-95(2013). 

Installed heat flux sensors are located on the inside and outside of the structure to ensure valid measurements are always taken, despite temperature flips between night and day, season, weather etc.

Measure Heat Flux of Building Assemblies
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Building assembly

​Temperature sensor

Heat flux sensor


  • Monitors the performance of thermal insulation and to perform a direct in-situ measurement of thermal performance

  • Evaluation of new construction to complement modeling

  • Evaluation of aged building assemblies during retrofit

  • Valid R-value measurements are taken throughout all environmental conditions

Red River College
​Skilled Trades and Technology Centre (STTC)
"The Harmless Home"
​Energy-efficient Hempcrete Home
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104,000 Sq.Ft.

Thermal efficiency monitoring - temperature and heat flux sensors; Building Intelli roof moisture monitoring systems and green roof performance. 

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3 stories, 2,500 Sq.Ft.

Thermal efficiency investigation of the new building materials - biofiber blocks - with dynamic thermal resistance monitoring.

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