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The SMT-A2 Wireless Data Acquisition unit is a high precision measurement device designed for distributed remote sensor data acquisition. The built-in 24-bit A/D converter and low noise high precision measurement circuitry facilitates data acquisition from a wide variety of sensors. Integrated Moisture Content, RH and temperature sensors make the SMT-A2 suitable for building monitoring applications.External sensor inputs, LCD display, large memory capacity and extended wireless range gives the SMT-A2 flexibility in a wide range of applications.The SMT-A2 unit communicates wireless sensor readings to the SMT Building Intelligence gateway. 


Optional powered repeaters can be used to extend the wireless range.


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A2 Wireless Data Logger (Discontinued)

    • Remote sensor analysis and data collection

    • High precision data acquisition

    • Building science research

    • Targeted repair monitoring

    • Restoration monitoring


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