Research - it's part of who we are.

We are commercially known as SMT, DigiSCAN, Building-Intelli or Structure Monitoring Technology, but SMT Research is our full name.

We started SMT with a suite of products and services to assist with moisture detection in existing buildings, and soon found that the people who perform the building science research also wanted access to the same abilities in their labs - and in-situ monitoring construction projects. Our monitoring systems and solutions have been used to enable leading building science investigations to occur on everyday construction projects. With SMT equipment you can turn any project into a “test hut” of knowledge and verification of desired outcomes.


Most of the research that SMT is involved in, is undisclosed, under NDA, and in depths of commercial and institutional building science labs and on legally sensitive project sites. Therefore we can not openly share what we do. We are fortunate that some of the work that we have completed has been presented at conferences and published in journals. We don’t take all the credit for these publications, we are proud of the team work, communication and effort that went into each one of them.  

View what we have done below:

Presented at: Ashrae Building XII Conference, December 2013

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