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Building Science Research and Product Development that has Benefitted from SMT Products and Services

We are commercially known as SMT,  but SMT Research is our full name.

We started SMT with a suite of products and services to assist with moisture detection in existing buildings, and soon found that the people who perform the building science research also wanted access to the same abilities in their labs - and in-situ monitoring construction projects. Our monitoring systems and solutions have been used to enable leading building science investigations to occur on everyday construction projects. With SMT equipment you can turn any project into a “test hut” of knowledge and verification of desired outcomes.

View what we have done below:
Attics in Marine Climates
Presented at: Ashrae Building XII Conference, December 2013

Wind Uplift Capacity of Foam-Retrofitted Roof Sheathing Subjected to Water Leaks

Presented by: University of Florida
Freeze-Thaw Durability of Anchor Materials in Heritage Masonry Stones
Presented at: 2nd International Structures Specialty Conference, June 2010

Monitoring of Historic Structures for Whole Building Improvements

Published on: ICBEST, June 2010

Structural and Hygrothermal Field Monitoring of Thick Continuously Insulated Wall Assemblies Utilized in a Multi-Story Residential Building

Presented by: JRS Engineering and DOW Building Solutions at BEST 3, Atlanta 2012

A Design Approach to Envelope Remediation of Heritage Buildings: Field Monitoring of Salt Building

Published by: Hamid Heidarali, P.Eng., Sophie Mercier, P.Eng. Morrison Hershfield, in collaboration with Jason Teetaert, SMT Research and Pierre Couture, BASF Canada

A Pilot Study on First Nation Homes on an Urban Reserve

Part of: BCIT Building Science Graduate Program

Golfers Could Face Better Greens due to Applied Research at Red River College
Published by: Red River College, May 6, 2014
Selection of Low-e Coated Glass for Older Residential High-Rise Apartment Buildings in Canada
Published by: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, April 2013
Asset Protection: Systematic Roof Moisture & Leak Monitoring
Published on: Pg.25-26, Roofing BC Magazine, Summer 2016
Field Monitoring of Hygrothermal Performance of Attic Venting Systems in Extreme Cold Climate
Published by: Hua Ge, CCBST 2017

Impact of Heating and Cooling of Expanded Polystyrene and Stone Wool Insulations on Conventional Roof Performance
Presented by: Lorne Ricketts at CCBST 2017

Energy and Indoor Air Quality Impacts of DOAS Retrofits in Small Commercial Buildings
Published by: James Montgomery. Presented at: CCBST 2017

Adhesion of Torch on and Self-adhesive Asphaltic Membranes Over Green Concrete

Presented at: CCBST 2017

Implementing Compartmentalization and Ventilation Strategies in Tall Multi-use Buildings to Control Stack-effect Related Performance Issues

Presented by: David De Rose at CCBST 2017

Hygrothermal Performance of Exterior Blanket Insulation
Presented by: Tareq Baker at CCBST 2017

The Best Made Plans: The Challenges of Retrofitting an Historic Single Family Home Using Nested Thermal Envelopes
Presented by: Kim Pressnail at CCBST 2017

Assessing the Impacts of Thermal Upgrades on Mass Masonry Walls: A Tool Kit for the Hygrothermal Analyst

Impact of Solar Reflectance of Glazing Adjacent Roofs
Forresic and Test Building Monitoring
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