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Advancing Building Science and Assisting Product Development

Innovation and scientific process are at the heart of everything we do at SMT, making us a natural partner for clients engaged in research. 

Our building envelope sensors and data-loggers are adaptable to many different applications, while our cloud-based analytics platform makes working with your data simple and efficient. 

Contact SMT with details of your project for a free consultation, or keep scrolling to learn more...

Published Papers

Over the years we have been privileged to work with some of the premier building envelope engineering companies on cutting edge research that has advanced the field. 

Our involvement varies between projects, however our clients always enjoy our expertise in the application of sensors for building science, as well as our commitment to getting them the data they need. 

Check out some of the published papers from projects featuring SMT equipment and services, or feel free to reach out if you like to collaborate!

Presentations and Education

SMT representatives have spoken at many conferences and education days, and we have had great feedback from attendees - in particular how we 'into the science'! 

Check out some of our past presentations, or reach out to book a lunch and learn for your firm. 

Test Huts

All great innovation starts with experimentation. SMT sensors and data loggers are not just used in the field, but also in lab conditions to test new assemblies or products. 

Our products and services have been used to test attic performance under different wind uplift conditions, polyiso insulation performance in extreme climates, and much more. 

Check out some of our papers and case studies, or contact SMT to see how we can collaborate. 

Our Services

SMT is an end-to-end solution provider, and can offer any combination of the following services:

Design + Manufacture

Our technical consultants are experts in helping you select the right sensors and placing them in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We build most of our sensors in house, and can even design custom sensors to suit your project. 

Monitoring Kits

We offer "out of the box" monitoring solutions for common variables such as moisture accumulation. We maintain quality control by building these kits in house, and ship worldwide. 


Our technicians have installed monitoring systems across North America. We stand by the professionalism and work ethic of our installers, who are well practiced at completing projects in everything from sub-zero conditions and under-construction structures, deep mine investigations and rappelling from bridges. 

Data Collection

The key to solving an investigation is well organized data, and we offer data collection options to suit any project and budget; from fully remote collection of thousands of data points, to manual collection of a single node. 

Data Analysis

Our Analytics platform offers flexibility and customization for clients who need to manipulate their data, as well as user friendly data visualization options and reporting tools to draw conclusions from your data. We also offer consulting services if you need support with parsing and interpreting data. 


At any stage of your relationship with SMT, we are available for phone and email support. We also make available a wealth of information including product data sheets, specifications, installation guides, and videos. 

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