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Our exclusive cloud-based Building Analytics

Powerful Data at your Fingertips

The intuitive, user friendly interface allows users to quickly configure systems and retrieve and analyze real-time data anywhere, anytime.

SMT Analytics 2 allows you to keep track of your equipment, and make adjustments as needed.
Never lose data because of an inactive sensor again! 

Save time and money by viewing all your sensor data in one place, easily digestible, customisable. 

Designed for real humans, you don't need to be a software engineer to get the full benefit of Analytics 2. 

Smartphone Capability

Interface accessible on any Smartphone mobile browser, making your data even easier to access. 

Everything at
a glance
  • Datalogger distribution and status

  • Equipment health​

  • Triggered alarms

  • Live sensor overlay

  • Weather station information

  • User-defined project notes

  • Datalogger battery health

Interactive Graphing

Interactive Graphing feature allows multiple sensors to be grouped, graphed and compared to one another.


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