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This version is for software below Windows 7.


Software that collects sensor data, provides event notifications, integrates with building control systems and forwards data to the Building Analytics Monitoring Center.


The Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG) is powerful software designed to continually gather sensor data and provide event notifications, all of which can be seemlessly integrated with building control systems.


BiG provides simplified local data analysis for a wide variety of sensors. It can also forward collected data to the Building Analytics monitoring center for remote webbased access to live data, long term storage and trend review, and other more powerful data analysis tools & reporting features.


BiG operates on Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7, providing a familiar and user-friendly interface. It communicates both wired and wirelessly to building sensor networks for easy and secure dissemination. It's design scales to accommodate projects ranging from single-family homes to large building complexes.


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BiG Software Only (Ver 1.5)

    • Gateway to Building Analytics Data Center
    • Interface to building management system(s)
    • Real-time alarm & event notifications
    • Standalone real-time monitoring platform
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