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Leaders in Leak Detection, Dedicated to the Advancement of Building Science

About Us

SMT Research Ltd, in which the SMT represents “Structure Monitoring Technology” and we are commonly referred to as SMT, creates solution sets that are used for electronic leak detection and building envelope monitoring. We utilize near real-time sensor analysis and remote data collection to allow Engineers, Architects, Building Owners and Researchers to validate designs, materials, and methods, producing more efficient and durable buildings. We assist in shrinking environmental impacts by reducing the frequency of unnecessary roof repairs, by providing quality assurance throughout the construction and restoration process. 


We have deployed our systems and services across the world, ranging from simple wood frame homes to: glass and steel skyscrapers, shopping centres, heritage buildings, art museums, data centres, and national research labs. SMT fosters award winning scientific excellence in our product lines and services, paired with superior customer care by tailoring each solution to fit every client’s needs.

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The Technology

We embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) movement and the benefits it offers for the construction and manufacturing industries. Real-time sensor analysis and remote data collection have allowed engineers and researchers to validate designs, materials, and methods to produce more efficient and durable buildings. With our solutions, clients are able to reduce their environmental impact while improving quality assurance throughout the construction and restoration process.

Meet The Team

Jason Teetaert
President and Cofounder

Jamieson Hermes
Vice President of Fulfillment

Andy Chapman
Production Lead


Diana Palacio
Accounting Manager

Graeme Burke
Technical Consultant

Caitlin Hay
Outreach & Communications Manager

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Greg Lee
Engineering Manager

Jimit Modi
Embedded Software Engineer

Jennifer Law
Junior Programmer


Dave Andicoy
Project Manager


Sefa Bulut
Project Manager


Rudra Raya
Project Manager

The Network

SMT has dozens of trained Digiscan 360° technicians servicing the USA and Canada. Every Moisture Monitoring Technician (MMT) utilizes our award-winning technology for the localization of leaks and other deficiencies in roofing and water proofing membranes. We have service availability in:


Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.


Seattle, Portland, Los Angles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington DC,  Durham, Dallas/Houston, and New York.

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