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Sensors, Electronics, and Expertise for Gathering Structure Performance Data

SMT provides advanced Structure Monitoring services for various projects, including:

Research, Insurance, Construction, and Healthcare

+ Monitor RH, Temperature, Displacement, CO2, and more 

+ Install sensors at any stage of the construction process, and even on long lived assets

+ Specialized solutions for Mass Timber, Research Test Huts, and Roof Monitoring

Contact SMT today to learn how we can assist with your monitoring project, 

or select one of the following options to learn more:

View the sensors, data-loggers, and monitoring kits  

Learn about our structural investigation services and solutions

Remote monitoring and alarms for basements and other at-risk areas

Read our published papers and see how we can assist your research

Industry leading monitoring solutions specifically designed for Mass Timber structures

See our different methods for collecting sensor data



  • Restoration & Insurance Reporting

  • RCABC Green Roof Leak Detection

  • Non-Conductive Membrane Leak Detection

  • Digital Vector Mapping

  • Waterproofing Quality Control

  • Technical Analysis

  • General Moisture Detection

  • Wall & Roof Moisture Content

  • Mechanical Space Monitoring

  • HVAC Intelligent Integrations

  • Condensation Monitoring

  • Building Materials Moisture Content

  • Building Materials Component Comparisons

  • Differential Wall Pressures

  • Venting Pressure

  • Vapour Pressure

  • Window Performance

  • Solar Heat Gain

  • Solar Radiation Comparisons

  • Thermal Profiling

  • Masonry Moisture

  • In-Situ Heat Flux Monitoring

  • Crack / Displacement Monitoring

  • Insulation Movement & Shrinkage

  • Foundation Moisture Content

  • Parkade Monitoring

  • Assembly Mockup Comparisons

  • Building Element Comparisons


  • Attic Monitoring  (Attic Monitoring Kit)

  • Home Appliance Monitoring

  • Specialized Security System Integrations

  • Roof Leak Monitoring

  • Wood Frame Moisture Content

  • Soil Moisture & Gas Monitoring

  • Specialized Environmental Monitoring


  • Climate Monitoring

  • Building Enclosure Sciences


  • Bridge Deck Monitoring

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Sustainable Forestry

  • Data Center Monitoring

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